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wolves_teeth's Journal

wolves teeth - icons, headers, layouts, etc.
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you've reached your destination, which is the lovely graphics community of fictionalheroes, or mary jean if you prefer. in this community there will be icons galore, with random helpings of headers, friends only banners, user info banners, desktop backgrounds, and hey, who's to say I won't make a layout or two? the majority of the posts are public so everyone can be happy but I'll f-lock a few treasures to entice you to join up.

there are of course a few rules:
» I like being credited. and by "like" I mean it's a requirement.
» I don't like having my images hotlinked. I upload them to a free photobucket account, I'm sure you can do the same.
» I like getting comments on my posts, telling me what's good, what could be better, and what looks just plain stupid.
» I like when people ask about editing my icons (& etc.) before they actually do it. this is another one of those likes that is actually a requirement. I just might not want my name behind that yucky glitter treatment you gave my icon.

affiliates are fun
» ekons

ask me if you wanna be one :)